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Kix Carrollton is the new hottest fashion boutique in Western Georgia. Founded in mid 2021, Kix Carrollton has grown rapidly to reach people as far west as San Diego, as far north as Minneapolis, and as far east as Central Europe. With the grand opening on November 12, 2021, Kix plans on growing twice as fast as it has previously, to be the leading provider of fashion and streetwear among the entire United States and eventually the world. With talks of a 2nd location under way, its only a matter of when, not if, Kix will begin expanding to other locations. Did we mention that we have the best prices out there? Unlike most other streetwear boutiques, Kix does not overprice for 'convenience'. Charging fair market value at best is what makes Kix Carrollton the best streetwear fashion store out there!

120 Cunninham Dr. 

Suites A & B

Carrollton GA, 30117



Sunday: 12pm - 4pm

Monday: 12pm - 6pm

Tuesday: 12pm-6pm

Wednesday: 12pm-6pm

Thursday: 11pm-7pm

Friday: 11pm-7pm

Saturday: 11am-7pm

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